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Organic Hair Removal Cream Made in The U.K



Ingredient: natural plant pawpaw extract
Efficacy: New formula + quick result
Efficacy: Hydrated protection & natural smoothing


The most smart and easiest way to achieve smoothness skin that Extremely effectively removes unwanted hair
Unusually delicate for the skin
Delays hair growth back
Makes the skin satin smooth and silky soft
No risk of skin injury
Usage Instruction:

use warm water to clean the areas to be treated, and then dry it carefully . Then spread this product evenly over teh areas ( usually takes 3-10 minutes, according to the differeces of compliance and amount) and then use a paper or wet towel to wipe the cream off.
* Do not immediately use contain alcohol elements of excitant beauty products or exposure to the sun.
* Do a patch test before applying the hair removing cream. If you are skin allergy, please stop useing it.
* Do not use teh product on irritated or broken hair.
* Avoid contact with mucous menbrances or very sensitive areas .
* Avoid using alcohol-based cosmetics or exposed to sun immediately after epilation

* to ensure that the hair removal effect prevent drug failure, after use should be sealed, avoid light preservation


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