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Cherry Blossom Moisturizing Hand Treatment




Fresh and Nourishing

The cream is delicate,soft and fresh with good expansion,easy applying and no grease.

Delicate and Pleasant

The cream color is as delicate as cheery flower,bringing senses of warmth and sweetness.

Hydrating Effect

Cherry blossoms hand cream is hydrating,moisturizer and tender your hands.


Step1:Washing hands,apply hand cream and completely absorb nutrients.

Step2:Softly rub both sides of finger pulp and diminish fine wrinkles on hands.

Step3:Gently press finger joints to promote blood circulation.

Step4:Gently pull both hands in a reversed direction and get hands relaxed.

Step5:Pres the tinger’s mouth to relieve pressure on hands.

Step6:Massage meridians and collateral on the back of hands to improve loose back.


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