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Chamomile Essence Sleeping Mask Anti Age Moisturizing Cream


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Contains rich in chamomile extract, calendula extract and other natural plant skin care ingredients

Plant extracts, mild care, not irritating

Moist texture, fast absorption, no sticky

Moist and improved dry skin, make skin tender smooth

Easy to use, no need to wash the mask

Usage :

Step 1 : Clean your face first

Step 2 : Apply adequate amount to face film, with stomach gently smear evenly on the face in spiral way,

not too thin, want to have a certain thickness, to ensure that the skin absorption, at the same time pay

attention to avoid eye and lip

Step 3 : Gently massage a few minutes, without cleaning, go to bed after waiting for the skin to absorb

Step 4 : The second day wake up you will find that the skin becomes healthy and plump

Package Contents :

1 x BIOAQUA Chamomile Masks



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