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Organic Strawberry Lip Sleeping Mask


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Net Wet: 20g

Shelf Life: 3 Years


Removes dead skin cells

Anti aging , anti winkles, anti chapped, deep hydrating

Dilute lip wrinkles, fade lip color

Creamy texture, delicate and silky

Contain strawberry moisturizing ingredients, add beeswax, vitamin E and other nutrients

Ingredient: Isopropyl palmitate, octanoic acid / capric triglyceride, tridecyl alcohol trimellitate,

tallow fruit tree (BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII) fruit fat, beeswax, vitamin E


Step 1: Before go to sleep, use lip brush to apply the lip mask to the lip
Step 2 : Lips dead skin gradually softened and dissolved
Step 3 :The next day with a cotton pad gently wipe the lip mask



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